We are exporters of used office imaging equipment. We believe in building strong and lasting relationships with our local and international customers. We take it upon ourselves to set the standards for product quality and customer satisfaction for our industry.

About Us

Shiva Exports is a reputable company offering used office imaging equipment for sale. We have, in our many years of conducting business, established a company whose core foundation is the building of relations with our customers by providing them unsurpassable quality and customer service.

We hold a AAA rating on Duns & Bradstreet. This makes it easy for customers to understand that we provide a clear cut choice in products that meet the highest standards of quality, and service. We are a company spread around the globe to provide our customers easy and quick access to quality. We do this by making sure the largest part of our organization is in the service of the customer. That means more that 60% of our staff is directly associate with refurbishing and shipping the product.

When most of the company's efforts are spent on making sure we are efficient with our refurbishing and shipping process, it is needless to say we keep our quality high with costs low.

Our Global Presence