Corporate Solutions

Our goal is to provide quality equipment to all retailers. We want to help your business focus more on creating quick equipment turnovers and less about the equipment itself. We make sure our equipment is thoroughly tested and cleaned. With us at your side your business will create more revenue with no downtime, from the moment the equipment reaches your showroom.

With many retailers we now do blind shipments direct to customers on their behalf. This helps retailers save on cost of shipping and makes sure that their business is getting a return on their equipment immediately.

Solutions from Shiva Exports:
  • Provide quality, clean equipment
    • 60% of staff is technician based
    • 80% of staff is warehouse based
    • Items are tested and retested before shipping
  • Blind shipments direct to end user
    • Less time equipment sits idle
    • Lowered cost of shipping
    • Faster revenue generation
    • Lower retailer stress
  • Customization to your needs
  • Carry over 10,000 pieces of equipment at any given time
  • We are spread out over North America